Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Story

The "Who Am I?" assignment was made rather easy with the Photo Story software. I really enjoyed this project. Here is a link to my movie, which I have also included in my link list gadget:
I hope you like it! I think I still like the Movie Maker program better to create a digital story, because you have more control over the specific animations (zoom in, zoom out, ect.) for each picture. The only thing that Photo Story has that I wish Movie Maker would have is the panorama animation for pictures. I also must say that Photo Story is considerably easier to use, too. All in all, another great learning experience.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Current Technology Issues In My World

I teach I am on the very end of the list for any new or innovative technology at my school. My ONE computer is still a Windows 98 system. I was able to get very old digital projector for my classroom, but that is where technology ends within the context of my classroom. Now, with that being said... I teach many different types of project-based learning activities, and my computer is frequently utilized by students to research ideas for projects. I also only have each group of students for six weeks, which is another issue in which I must cram as many of the WV Art CSO's into that six week time frame. In my 8th grade art class I do utilize one of the school's computer labs to have my students create "Me Movies" using Windows Moviemaker. Now, within my school I am also known to be fairly competent in solving technology problems for other teachers, and our Tech Coordinator has asked me to attend a National Technology conference with her this summer in Washington, DC, which I am thrilled to do. ( I am secretly hoping it might earn me an electronic white board for my classroom!) I really enjoy learning all I can to try to improve my teaching... and technology is definitely a great way to do so, but I will still remain true to teaching ART.... painting, drawing, sculpting, creating, imagining, problem solving... I will simply try to find ways for technology to inhance these projects.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My First Week of Ed Tech Class

This class is definitely high-tech!

I have learned more this week about technological

possibilities than EVER before in my schooling.

I love it! It is challenging me... pushing me to try new things.

I always try to incorporate as much technology into my teaching

as possible, and I am thrilled to learn new ways to do so.

I am looking forward to the next several weeks!