Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Presentations

Okay, so here is my Jeopardy game again... as posted int he last blog. I am just re-posting to meet the requirement for this assignment.

As for embedding the powerpoint... I am still working on that... I have tried and tried and tried... now I am emailing for help.. so hopefully it will be done by this evening.....
** A great big THANK YOU to Debbie for helping me! It was so simple to embed it with your instructions!

Now for the PDF Presentation. I read in Google Docs help that it is not possible to publish a pdf file, so I hope everyone can see this!

I find the whole process of this powerpoint "saga" to be exhausting. I am definitely learning things I didn't know. But I am tired and frustrated with links that don't work (not just my own!), and attempt after attempt to get one little thing to go right. The assignment asks to post the issues I experienced, but I don't think that there is enough room in my blog space for all the issues I encountered! This entire powerpoint month (it seems) has definitely kicked my butt! I just hope to have met the requirements.

I do think that this is something that would definitely be useful in the classroom, but does the amount of effort expended give equal return in the classroom? That is the real question here.


I actually started this project over a week ago, and when I clicked on the "Jeopardy Example" link it didn't work... I just figured it was a faulty link and I went ahead and created my own Jeopardy game. I took an intructional technology class a few summers ago, and we learned how to make them then, fortunately I still had my jeopardy powerpoint from that class, so I simply updated it to my current content standards and objectives and created a game that we will use at the end of the six weeks as a review of the entire art class..... here it is.
Then on Friday I happened to click on the link just to see what the example looked like and that is when I realized that the actual requirement was to fix that "broken" template... now, as I stated in my previous blog, I do not have powerpoint on my PC at home - so, try as I might, I simply didn't have enough time to fix the broken template and redo the entire thing! Sorry, Dr. Pierce! I tried! I would like to say, though, that under the "Required" heading on the Action Buttons project description it does not say anything about fixing a broken template. I noticed that several others in this class also did not know that that was part of the requirement either. So enjoy my jeopardy game! I can't wait to try it with my students!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Powerpoint Webpage

I tried to do this part of the assignment at school this morning, and it worked this morning.... but now it seems that I must have done something wrong. I saved the project as a web page - but still cannot get FTP to work, so I simply linked it from the htm file it provided. I definitely messed up somewhere... and now wish that I did have Powerpoint on my home PC! Here it is.... or was..... I will try to fix it first thing on Monday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Powerpoint Show

I love the concept of saving the Powerpoint file as a show, because I do not have Powerpoint on my home computer. I create my Powerpoint projects at school, because I only use them to assist my teaching. Being able to save the Powerpoint file as a show allows me to view my creations on my home PC too! What a great idea! My only hangup with this project, and the last - for that matter, is that I have not been successful in getting FTP to work properly. So I have just been importing the Powerpoint files onto my Google Docs page. I hope that's okay! Here is my Powerpoint project saved as a show.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I love creating powerpoint presentations. I use them from time to time when I introduce new projects. They are great ways to include written information in a visual presentation. I created this powerpoint to help me introduce a project that I am beginning with my seventh graders. I hope you like it!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Podcasting.....Or Not

The podcasting assignment definitely fell by the wayside this past week... A family emergency has required all of my time and energy... and this coming week might still be alittle tough. I have made the difficult decision to cut my losses on this project - an attempt to try to forget the terrible week we just had - and move forward on the new projects ahead. So I will not be completing this project at all, as much as I hate the thought of leaving something undone in my planner! I will take the 5 point deduction and simply try to move forward. Sorry Dr. Pierce!