Monday, May 4, 2009

Webquest Wonderful!

This project was actually not too hard, once I figured out the best (easiest) way to get what I wanted out of it. It took me a while, though, and a few wrong turns... to get to the end result. At one point I was so frustrated that I wanted to just give up... but then I read on the class discussion pages that someone had success with a site called, so I decided to try it. made creating a WebQuest easy. I knew what I wanted my Webquest to look like, and helped to make that vision a reality. I tried several times on google docs, to construct a WebQuest using google sites, but I wasn't getting anywhere with it. Thank heavens for the class discussion pages! I have frequently turned to the pages to read through where others have asked similar questions already... It's a great way not to bug Dr. Pierce (or anyone else for that matter!) if not absolutely necessary.
My WebQuest is one that I definitely plan on using in my classroom. I created it to go along with my own personal experience of meeting the Inuit people and learning a great deal about them on an extended stay in Alaska several years ago. It will also serve as an excellent launching point to show my own Inuit artifacts to further help them in the creation of their own Inuit sculpture.
One thing that I do want to say though, as sort of a personal criticism. When I found the example WebQuest on, I thought... "so cool! I can do that!"... and then as I began struggling I realized that it would take MONTHS to create a WebQuest of that magnitude! So my WebQuest is no-where near the awesome-ness of my selected example work. But I certainly gave it my best shot!
Overall, a terrific final project. A great way to finish this course!