Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun With Data - Manipulating Raw Data

Okay... so this part of the Excel project was a little bit more tricky. It definitely took some time to figure out how to do the functions for each part, but once you figure it out it's relatively easy. I kept having wierd problems like an orange box that came up above the cells that I made to show the percentages and numbers required. I tried and tried, but couldn't make the orange box go away, so I just saved my work and took a break, and when I reopened it, it had fixed itself! Excell is a great program to use for any kind of business application. I use it to create my art supply order for school every year.


  1. Help
    We're sorry, does not have permission to access this spreadsheet.

  2. I am guessing that I have to re-publish everytime I make a change to the document. In the future I will checkmark the little box that says "automaticall re-publish when changes are made." Once again, sorry for the faulty link!